HR Solutions



Interim HR Executive Resource

  • Act as Interim HR Executive Resource
  • Provide acquisition and due diligence expertise, including:
    • Assessment of executive team
    • Review of organization structure
    • Review of HR policy and practices
  • Serve as HR Integration Leader for business units and/or acquisitions
  • Provide HR expertise to enable you to restructure and/or realign your organization as well as execute strategic disposition/sale, IPO, or turnaround initiatives

Organization & HR Assessments

  • Conduct an Organization and HR Assessment that provides solutions tailored to the specific business needs and culture of your organization
  • Provide feedback and recommendations on your current organization structure and HR structure
  • Deliver suggestions for improved alignment and efficiency of HR practices, based on business needs
  • Recommend implementation of core HR processes in key areas, including:
    • HR Fundamentals
    • Compensation
    • Performance Management
    • Talent Management
    • HR Systems
  • Click here for more info: Organization & HR Assessments

Compensation Design & Process

  • Design and implement:
    • Annual short-term incentive plans
    • Long-term incentive plans
    • Sales Incentive plans
    • Retention plans
  • Design and implement annual compensation processes that align with fiscal results and drive reward differentiation
  • Design and implement job banding and career framework, to be used for compensation, incentive targets, performance management and career progression

Performance Management Process

  • Define key components of a Performance Management process
  • Provide process and timelines for how and when to roll out Performance Management across the organization
  • Provide templates to ensure standardization and ease of roll out, focusing on:
    • Rating scale and definitions
    • Evaluation format
    • Coaching tips for managers and employees

Talent Management Process

  • Define what Talent Management is
  • Provide a process for how and when to roll out Talent Management across the organization
  • Provide templates to ensure standardization and ease of roll out, focusing on:
    • Organization review (org structure, demographics)
    • Talent assessment (Executive, Promotable, Critical Contributors)
    • Succession planning
    • Retention
    • Diversity

Team Assessment & Assimilation

  • Administer several specialized psychometric tools to provide key insights into an executive team’s strengths and potential development areas, specifically focusing on:
    • Personality traits (Workplace Big Five Profile)
    • Interpersonal Skills (FIRO-B)
    • Conflict Modes (TKI)
  • Generate Assessment reports for both individual results and team profiles
  • Facilitate the Team Assimilation session, including these key components:
    • Overview of each assessment tool and the theory on which they are based
    • Sharing results of individual and team profiles
    • Exploring impact of team member behaviors on team dynamics
    • Alignment on team commitments and ground rules moving forward
  • Click here for more info: Leadership Team Assimilation

Leadership Assessment

  • Conduct in-depth assessment for executives and/or key talent
  • Provide customized assessment profile that typically includes psychometric assessments as well as 360° feedback*
  • Deliver customized, individual assessments, including:
    • Career Summary
    • Areas of functional expertise
    • Strengths and development needs
    • Career potential
    • Specific development recommendations
  • Click here for more info: Executive Assessments

Executive Coaching

  • Provide a customized assessment profile, typically including psychometric assessments as well as 360° feedback*
  • Conduct confidential, ongoing, one-on-one coaching sessions, tailored to the needs of executive, including:
    • In-person goal-setting and feedback sessions
    • In-person interviews with boss, peers, and direct reports
    • Combination of monthly or bi-monthly in-person and remote coaching sessions
    • On-site “shadowing” with executive
  • Engagement length depends on needs of executive, typically ranging between 6 to 12 months
  • Click here for more info: Executive Coaching

360º Assessments

  • Two delivery options:
    • Use of 3rd party globally recognized Leadership and Talent Development providers; 360º assessment is administered via confidential online 360º survey and focused on specific leadership skills and competencies
    • Customized 360° Report, generated as a result of our confidential one-on-one discussions with each individual in your selected rater groups; tailored to provide insights into specific areas of development
  • Rater groups may include your boss, board members, peers, and direct reports
  • Responses are aggregated, analyzed and consolidated into a customized 360° Feedback Report; this report provides insights into how your perceptions of your own performance compare with those of your rater groups. It also highlights your core strengths, challenges, hidden strengths and potential blind spots.
  • Confidential session is included to debrief results; assistance is provided to create a development plan that helps translate feedback into specific actions intended to enhance leadership effectiveness.
  • Click here for more info: 360º Assessments

Facilitation and Training

  • Deliver facilitation for key events:
    • Executive leadership meetings
    • Leader feedback: anonymous 360° conducted for leader; debriefed in team setting
    • Team formation, team dynamics, team interventions
    • New manager assimilations
    • Ad-hoc meetings requiring neutral, 3rd party facilitator
  • Be your certified trainer for in-house training programs
  • Design and deliver training specific to your needs