Case Studies

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Strategic Refocus and Turnaround - I
$1B global solar energy business

  • Upgraded executive global leadership and HR teams
  • Realigned global sales and marketing organization structure
  • Outsourced global manufacturing, resulting in significant cost reduction

Strategic Refocus and Turnaround - II
$1B financial services business

  • Redesigned organization structure to align with new business model, creating product-focused P&Ls
  • Led transition of multiple CEOs, ensuring smooth integration with leadership teams
  • Led HR due diligence for sale of business unit; sold intact to competitive insurance firm
  • Led restructuring process for closure of multiple call center sites

Retrofit of Union from Traditional Hierarchy
to Team-Based Organization
$450MM US manufacturing food business

  • Simplified 35 job classifications into 2: Processing & Maintenance
  • Defined critical skills for Business Knowledge, Team Dynamics and Technical Skills
  • Designed and delivered training modules to support critical skill areas
  • Results included 50% increase in production volume and improved efficiencies with ability to perform three manufacturing processes simultaneously

New Business Start-Up
Grew from $600MM to $1.5B in assets within
financial services portfolio

  • Redesigned organization into product focused P&Ls as portfolio grew from 1 to 5 product lines
  • Recruited key talent to lead critical functions; growing from 30 to 200 FTE in 12 months
  • Coached business leader to modify Operating Rhythm as organization grew
  • Led shut down of internal product line impacting 400+ FTE; absorbed as outsourced product model

Financial sector

  • Led HR due diligence for multiple acquisition targets
  • Conducted assessment of executive teams
  • Reviewed organization structures
  • Analyzed HR policy and practices

$3B commercial and supply chain organization within resin P&L

  • Successfully integrated sales, marketing and supply chain functions with merger of two P&Ls, including, realignment of organization structures and redesign of sales incentive plans

Implementation of Global HR Function and Processes
$900MM global technology business

  • Created global HR organization to support US, Europe and China
  • Designed and implemented global career framework, including global banding structure and country-specific salary ranges and incentive targets
  • Implemented global, consistent HR processes, including:
    • Performance management: delivered one consistent rating system and evaluation format, calibration of ratings within P&Ls, creation of online evaluation tool; rolled out to 1,000+ employees globally in ten different languages
    • Talent management: conducted leadership assessments, established core leadership training curriculum, implemented personal development plans for key talent

Interim Global HR Executive
$115MM division of global education company

  • Sixth-month full time assignment reporting directly to Division President
  • Provided global HR leadership to 18 centers spanning the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand; global employee population: 620+
  • Implemented core HR processes regarding recruitment, performance management, bonus design and sales incentive
  • Partnered with Division President to realign organization structure, clarifying roles and accountabilities within strategic functions, including sales, marketing, product management, operations and academics

Interim Chief HR Officer
Privately held financial services company

  • 10-month full time assignment reporting directly to CEO
  • Provided global HR leadership for organization spanning the US, Europe, and Latin America; global employee population: 4,000+
  • Implemented core HR processes regarding performance management, executive compensation, restructuring, organization design and employee communications
  • Partnered with CEO to realign organization structure, establishing focused P&Ls and core Corporate functions
  • Restructured HR function to align with business needs


Kim Conklin has been privileged to work with some of the world's leading industrial, consumer, and services firms, including:

BP Chemicals

BP Solar

CNG Holdings, Inc.

Drive Factor
General Electric

LORD Corporation

National Wild Turkey Federation

Strata Decision Technology
Town of Carrboro, NC
Welch Foods

In these segments:

Consumer Products
Data Analytics Technology
Electrical Distribution

Financial Services
Food & Beverage
Global Education
Global Mortgage Insurance
Global Paper Industry
Government Sector
Medical Software Technology
Non-Profit Conservation Industry
Oil & Gas
Smart Grid Technology
Wind & Solar

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